Moonshine has vast experience in building automotive brands including Peugeot, VW, Honda and Toyota. Each brand presents a different challenge. In France, Peugeot’s are the fun affordable but in New Zealand Toyota owned that road, so we had to create an umbrella campaign that worked across the entire line and justified the premium price tag. Our solution was to lift the brand’s prestige by embracing the romance of the French and position Peugeot as ‘The Sexy European.’ Unable to use the assets sent from Paris, and with no corporate budget to make anything new, we took a punt and made the 307 TV ad for cost, backing our belief in its value to markets with the same problem. It featured at the international conference as the independent ad of the year and was bought by the entire Asia region. With the success of the ‘307 Love’ campaign, we were given permission to roll the theme out across the all the models, producing ads and content, writing and designing print ads, billboards and brochures, and integrating various social media platforms into a cohesive, cost-effective and compelling digital campaign. Sales went through the roof.



The new Honda Insight was a bit of a latecomer to the hybrid category, and its features were in parity with competitive brands. So our task was simply to break through the cluttered market with something eye-catching. We distilled the proposition ‘more power and fewer emissions’ into the “Less is More” campaign, which was so successful that Honda New Zealand sold more cars than the Australians who have five times the population, and won the effectiveness award for automotive. Moonshine’s love for cars led us to making a pilot for a reality TV show about quirky car collectors. ‘The Road Trip’ featured enthusiast Tony Hope on a journey in his beloved BMW Libbee to find the ultimate road trip car. Five Facebook films we wrote and shot for Tourism New Zealand followed a couple on a romantic 2,000km odyssey in a 40-year-old VW Kombi. We reached over 30 million people worldwide and increased shoulder traffic to the country by 26%, proving the power of social media content.